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AFC Championship Game: Patriots vs Broncos Open Thread

Join us below for live discussion and instant analysis of today's AFC Championship game!

Chris Humphreys-USA TODAY Sports

The #1 seed Denver Broncos take on the #2 seed New England Patriots for the AFC Championship. While Peyton Manning and Tom Brady understandably are getting most of the press coverage, each teams' defense will be out today to make a statement as well.

Defensive ranks, 2015 regular season:


Rushing yards per game: 3rd

Passing yards per game: 1st

Points allowed per game: 4th


Rushing yards per game: 9th

Passing yards per game: 17th

Points allowed per game: 10th

From a statistical perspective, Denver's defense is much more dominant that New England's. But also take into consideration: The Patriots offense averaged nearly 30 points per game this season. 30!

So in theory, we're looking at an unstoppable force facing off against an immovable object. Denver won't try to match New England's offensive approach. If Denver can keep Tom Brady at bay, we should expect Peyton Manning to run a down-tempo, run-heavy attack to keep the clock moving and the Patriots offense sitting on the sideline.

One more game until the Super Bowl-- who wins?

This is your AFC Championship Open Thread... Have fun!