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NFC Championship: Cardinals vs Panthers Open Thread

Join us below for live discussion and instant analysis of tonight's NFC Championship game!

Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

The AFC champion has been decided, with an incredible battle between the Denver Broncos and New England Patriots landing in favor of Gary Kubiak and Peyton Manning (and of course that killer defense of Denver's)... Now it's time to decide who they will be facing in the Super Bowl.

The #1 seed Carolina Panthers face off against the #2 seed Arizona Cardinals, it a match-up that is just about as even as you could imagine. Great quarterbacks, tough defenses, and excellent coaching.

Of course, home field advantage is a real thing when there are teams from opposite sides of the country, and generally that's worth 3-3.5 points in Vegas. But with the veteran leadership on the Cardinals roster and coaching staff, that likely won't be much of a factor tonight.

Who will the Broncos face in the Super Bowl... The Cardinals or the Panthers?

This is your NFC Championship Open Thread... Have fun!