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Chicago Bears vs Detroit Lions 3rd Quarter Open Thread

Join us below for live discussion and instant analysis of today's Chicago Bears game!

David Banks/Getty Images


Chicago Bears 0

Detroit Lions 10


The Bears and Lions are playing for last place in the NFC North, and both teams will close out the 2015 season with losing records. But each team is honestly better than their record indicates, with plenty to look forward to in 2016.

The Bears had a scary moment in the 2nd quarter when offensive tackle Kyle Long went down with an injury and had to be helped off the field, but true to his 'tough man' reputation, he was right back in the game after sitting out only one play. Keep an eye on him in the second half.

At times, the Lions offense marched right down the field with little effort, but the Bears defense did show a few flashes.  If they can keep pressure on Matthew Stafford in the second half and force Detroit to keep the ball on the ground, the Bears will have a shot.

This is your Bears vs Lions 3rd Quarter Open Thread... Have fun!