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Sunday Night Football Open Thread: Vikings vs Packers for NFC North title

Join us below as the Vikings and Packers battle for tops in the NFC North!

Hannah Foslien/Getty Images

The Chicago Bears 'won' the title of last place in the NFC North on Sunday with another loss to the Detroit Lions (did you know: The Bears haven't beaten the Lions since 2012?!), and for Sunday Night Football, the Minnesota Vikings take on the Green Bay Packers for first place in the division.

Each team has performed a bit differently than pre-season expectations would have dictated: The Packers have struggled at different times throughout the season, and the Vikings have surprised some folks with their strong play.

Now, each 10-5 team is looking for a season-ending victory to help give them momentum heading into the postseason.

The Vikings are on a two-game winning streak, and the Packers are coming off a butt-whipping by the Arizona Cardinals a week ago.

The game is at Lambeau, and we know that stadium will be rocking. Who will take the title? Stay tuned...

This is your Vikings versus Packers SNF Open Thread... Have fun!