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Adam Gase close to becoming next head coach of Miami Dolphins

The Chicago Bears will likely be losing their offensive coordinator to the Miami Dolphins, which could be announced as early as Saturday.

David Banks-USA TODAY Sports

When John Fox was hired as the Chicago Bears head coach before the 2015 season, it was quite a treat when he was able to recruit Adam Gase over as his offensive coordinator. Gase was a hot head coaching candidate around the league last season, but after the San Francisco 49ers botched the job offer process, he decided to come work with Jay Cutler and wait for another year.

Of course, as soon as the Bears season ended, Gase was back on the interviewing trail, and has officially interviewed with several teams, including the Miami Dolphins.

Reports have surfaced that Gase was not only the only candidate that they met with twice, but have now canceled their interview with Hue Jackson and are working on a final contract offer for Gase.

"Slight issues" remain on the negotiating table as ESPN reported, but for all intents and purposes, Gase could be announced as the Dolphins head coach as early as Saturday.

If so, Gase will have Ryan Tannehill as his quarterback.

Stay tuned...