If it looks like a duck…

Does anybody out there really get the feeling that Brian Hoyer is the type of player capable of being a starting QB in the NFL? I certainly don’t, and nobody I’ve talked to does…but there must be some contingent of fans that think Brian Hoyer really is a better option at QB than Jay Cutler. I know there has to be because all signs point to John Fox leaving the team to Hoyer…and he is the head coach.

There is that old saying (at least it was in my family) if it looks like a duck, walks like a duck, and shits like a duck…it’s a duck. Brian Hoyer certainly looks like a backup QB, he manages games like a backup QB, and he misses big plays…like a backup QB. The relative dump he left on the Colts 30 yard line yesterday while Alshon Jeffery stood by himself in the end zone, is all I needed to see. The fact of the matter is, Brian Hoyer makes plays…but not the good kind like you want.

I have a lot of respect for the guy, the Colts D is atrocious but putting up nearly 400 yards in the NFL is a feat no matter the team. He has certainly made Cameron Meredith look like a star and he has been keeping the team in games. That being said…he isn’t winning them. If this were 2006 and opposing teams were staring down the barrel at Brian Urlacher and Lance Briggs then Hoyer would be our starting QB. Hell we might even win the Super Bowl with a game manager like Hoyer over Rex Grossman. 10 years later in 2016 we have a defense full of people nobody has ever heard of, promising rookies that still need time, and veterans almost too injured to play. Right now we need Jay Cutler.

I’m not basing all of this off one play…Hoyer misses a lot of big opportunities and takes few (if any) necessary risks. Playing it safe on offense doesn’t lend itself to victory for a team like the 2016 Bears. The 2016 Vikings…you better believe it, but not the Bears. I fail to see what Jay Cutler has done this season that would leave him on the sideline. Until the last two weeks our O-line was mincemeat (it still hasn’t been amazing), we had wide receivers running bad routes, and Dowell Loggains was calling every 3rd play as a handoff up the middle or a WR screen (harnessing his inner Trestman)

I firmly believe the Bears would be sitting at 2-3 today with Jay Cutler in the lineup, bad defense and all. I think the Bears might even be 3-2 ( I have thoughts on the Cowboys game I won’t get into) with Jay in the game. Hoyer has done amazing…far better than any of us could have hoped…but if the Bears want a QB that can find a way to win games he isn’t the right guy. If Jay’s thumb is ready to go, then #6 should be standing behind center against the Jags this Sunday. 33/43 397yds and 2 TD’s looks good on paper, but we all know it didn’t feel right.

Search your feelings….you know it to be true.

P.S.- I watched a High School kicker in Indianapolis two weeks ago nail a 54 yarder to win the game…he does this on a VERY consistent basis. How in the hell does Connor Barth still have a job in the NFL?
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