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Ten Thoughts on the NFL

NFL: Baltimore Ravens-OTA
Just a reminder Bears’ fans, it could be worse...
Evan Habeeb-USA TODAY Sports

1) So the Atlanta Falcons might be for real.

Then again, keep in mind they started last year 7-1 and ended the season 8-8. This year seems different though, because they seem to be playing with a good run/pass balance, they knocked off a couple of quality teams in the Oakland Raiders and Denver Broncos, but most importantly, Matt Ryan is playing the best football of his nine year career.

Do you guys think the Falcons can keep it up this time?

2) The Minnesota Vikings are the lone undefeated team remaining in the NFL with QB Sam Bradford continuing to light it up in their offense. Their running game has been nonexistent (32nd ranked 2.5ypc and 70.6ypg), but if their defense keeps playing like they’re playing, it’ll be very tough to beat them.

3) Was anyone surprised that Tom Brady threw for over 400 yards in his season debut? It didn’t matter that they were facing the lowly Cleveland Browns, there was nothing that was going to stop him and the Patriots from rolling after his suspension.

4) The No Fun League has been fining celebration after celebration this season so Cleveland’s Andrew Hawkins decided to play it safe.

No word if NFL commissioner Roger Goodell will impose a trolling fine.

5) What is wrong with the Carolina Panthers’ defense?

They allowed Jacquizz Rodgers (Remember him Bears’ fans?) to pound them 30 times for 101 yards. That average isn’t the best, but it helped them move the chains and control the clock.

6) This was great.

And you just knew his head coach would give him the business.

7) The Baltimore Ravens fired offensive coordinator Marc Trestman.

I wonder if he takes his pass happy ways back to the Canadian Football League?

Because he sure as Hell ain’t getting another NFL gig.

8) The San Diego Chargers keep finding ways to lose games and quarterback Philip Rivers thinks he knows why.

In case your lip readings isn’t all that, he says, “We’re the Bad News Bears, man.”

If the 1-4 Chargers are the Bad News Bears, then what does that make the 1-4 Chicago Bears?

9) Is Colts’ kicker Adam Vinatieri a Hall Of Famer once he decide to hang ‘em up?

He’s 43 years old and hasn’t missed a field goal in over a year. The last four season’s he’s hitting FGs at a 92.8% rate, including 16 of 19 from 50 yards plus.

10) At what point will the out-of-town-stupid stop saying stuff like this?

Sport’s transactions aren’t made in a vacuum. There were circumstances surrounding these two moves, whether we agreed with them or not, at the time they made sense for the franchise. Greg Olsen was a productive player during his time with Chicago, but once the Bears threw in with Mike Martz as offensive coordinator, the writing was on the wall.

Martz had no use for pass catching tight ends. Martz was a stubborn jackass, but that’s a different topic.

Bears’ GM Jerry Angelo valued scheme over talent back in 2011, which isn’t that uncommon, and he shipped Olsen off for a 3rd round pick. Had the Bears’ franchise realized that Martz would be gone at the end of 2011, they may have held onto their 1st round investment.

A good coach can make talent fit his scheme, but head coach Lovie Smith gave Martz full autonomy over the offense.

Angelo has since admitted he made a mistake in shipping Olsen to the Panthers, but at the time, with Martz calling the offense, he figured he better get something for Olsen before Martz kept phasing him out of his O.

Bennett was just an ass that didn’t want to be in Chicago anymore. His talent is undeniable, but once a player becomes disgruntled a GM has to decide what is best for his locker room. Bennett had to go.

It’s not like the Bears moved these guys because they failed to recognize they could play. These weren’t ‘Brock for Broglio’ type trades, these were moves that were made in the best interest of the franchise.

I’m sure all Bears fans would love to have Olsen back, but it’s been 5 years and the Bears are on their 3rd GM and 3rd head coach since the G-Reg era.