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NFL Power Rankings: Where are the Chicago Bears this week

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We take our weekly trip around the interwebs to see where various NFL "experts" rank the Chicago Bears in their NFL Power Rankings.

Even though the Bears couldn't build of their first win of the season, they weren't a lifeless lump of crap that we've seem in years past. They have a pulse. They have a few bright spots on the roster. Injuries are an issue right now, but that's not an excuse. The Bears were in position to win the game on Sunday and they couldn't get it done.

One win through five games isn't what most fans were expecting, but that's what the Bears are. Worst of all, head coach John Fox has been kind goofier than usual with the media. He refuses to pick a QB, he says they 'have no plan,' he's taking shots about hot dogs with the press.

A few more weeks of this and we'll fall into Trestman/Tucker levels of embarrassment.

But, if you're looking for a silver lining, a few of the publications below actually moved the Bears up in their rankings!

Here's how a few reputable sites around the interwebs have the Bears ranked. The Skinny is from each site unless otherwise indicated by a "~ Lester," in which case that's me chiming in.

WCG* 29 29 Chicago doesn't drop a spot after losing to a bad Colts team, what's up with that? There are reasons to hope for improvement in the future, but the present? Not so much. The teams below had worse weeks.
SB Nation 30 28 SB Nation doesn't even mention the Bears in their "Bottom of the trash heap" category. The Bears can't even do trash well. ~ Lester
Mile High Report n/a n/a I've noticed in the past that MHR occasionally skips their power rankings when the Broncos lose. ~ Lester 30 30 Don't put 1-4 on Brian Hoyer. That guy was a stud Sunday. If you don't believe me, ask Texans fans who watched a quarter of the Osweiler product in Minnesota. Hoyer produced a staggering 397 yards in Jay Cutler's stead against the Colts. In his second career start, rookie running back Jordan Howard rushed 16 times for 118 yards. That's over 7 yards per tote, man. So, what went wrong for the Bears? Well, we've decided to whittle the un-success down to one play as a microcosm of the non-Cubs issue in Chicago.
ESPN 28 28 John Fox has a decision to make between Jay Cutler and Brian Hoyer, but at this point, is it that much of a decision? Hoyer has the Bears' only win this season, and he has thrown 140 attempts without an interception.
CBS Sports 29 25 So now it's Brian Hoyer who should start over Jay Cutler? Wasn't that Josh McCown a few years ago? When will the Bears learn?
USA Today 29 30 Brian Hoyer has laid strong claim to top QB job after three consecutive 300-yard passing efforts, something Jay Cutler has never managed.
Yahoo 30 31 John Fox started talking about media members eating junk food in the press box. "I think when you're out there playing quarterback it looks a little different than when you're up in a press box having hot dogs," Fox said. He referenced hot dogs in the press box again later. Sounds like the kind of thing a coach does when he has 11 weeks remaining and has to wonder how hot his seat might get.
FOX 29 29 Brian Hoyer played lights out once again, even though it wasn't enough to earn Chicago a win. He's solidified his spot as the starter even after Jay Cutler returns by throwing for two touchdowns and more than 300 yards in each of his three games, while also protecting the football (zero interceptions). The Cutler era is likely over in Chicago.

What do you guys think about the Bears this week?

*The reason Ken does our WCG Power Rankings a day later than the rest, is he ACTUALLY watches all the games!