Contrary to Popular Belief: Cutty is the Answer.

If Brian Hoyer is the Bears QB answer, than we are doomed. Or are we? Yes, just kidding, we would be completely doomed. "But Dylan, he helped put up 500+ yards of offense Sunday in Indy..?" And yet we still managed to lose? As much as my former Bears faithful disapprove of my opinion, Jay Cutler is our answer. We’ve seen already this year how hard it is to come by a franchise quarterback, i.e. Houston, L.A., Cleveland, etc. So in my opinion, Bears fans are treating Cutty the same way they treated Derrick Rose. For granted. What was once an answer to prayer has now become our scapegoat. But why? I mean his first year here, he was a win away from taking us to the title game. And since then, he’s had more coaches, coordinators, teammates, than Browns have had different starting quarterbacks. Yes, that is a lot. So I strongly encourage people who bleed orange and blue to think twice next time that bash on Cutty, or have an asinine juxtaposition that Hoyer, who has a clear allergy to the end zone, regardless of his productive sample size against Indy, is our answer. Cause once their wish of cutler leaving is true, we are in for a long (even more painful) ride.

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