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Brian Hoyer is Josh McCown

Rich Schultz/Getty Images

Whether we think so or not, the Chicago Bears are in the middle of a quarterback controversy. Head coach John Fox may know exactly what his plan is once Jay Cutler is healthy, but his refusal to clue in the media just keeps flaming the fires. After the Lions game, Fox alluded that he may be leaning towards keeping Hoyer at the helm when he said, "It's performance-based, so anybody that's performing well, I don't think we're going to be likely to change."

But he wouldn't go as far as name the starter.

"We don't have a plan," Fox said on Monday when asked about his quarterbacks, but we all realize that Fox and his coaching staff know exactly what the plan is.

The plan may change depending on how long Cutler remains out and if Brian Hoyer comes back down to Earth, but they've gone over every possible scenario, including what general manager Ryan Pace has planned for 2017.

This entire situation this year reminds me of the 2013 season when journeyman QB Josh McCown took over for an injured Jay Cutler and had the greatest stretch of his career.

In the latest edition of T Formation Conversation, I look at the parallels between McCown's 2013 stint and the current run Hoyer is on with the Bears.

Hoyer's individual numbers are really good so far, but most can agree there are some scoring opportunities that they've left out on the field. The Bears have 1 win in his three starts and they've scored 17, 17 and 23 points with him under center.

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