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Chicago Bears vs Jacksonville Jaguars 2nd Quarter Open Thread

Join us below as our Bears vs Jags coverage continues!

NFL: Jacksonville Jaguars at Chicago Bears Patrick Gorski-USA TODAY Sports


Chicago Bears 0

Jacksonville Jaguars 0


The Chicago Bears started off with a 12-yard Hoyer-to-Jeffery connection to start the Bears versus Jaguars game, but then had trouble moving the ball after that and ended up punting on their first offensive possession.

On the Jaguars first possession, the Bears defense gave up yards in the air, on the ground, and via penalty, but ended up getting a turnover in the end zone just as Jacksonville looked to punch the ball into the end zone.

Can Brian Hoyer dink and dunk this offense into success today, or will the Jaguars ruin yet another home performance for the Bears in front of a restless Soldier Field crowd? Or will Hoyer try and find some deep shots to Alshon Jeffery to soften up the Jags’ defense? Stay tuned...

This is your NFL Week 6, Chicago Bears versus Jacksonville Jaguars 2nd Quarter Open Thread... Have fun!