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Bears vs Jaguars Final Score: Chicago slips to 1-5 after another home loss, losing 17-16

Here’s our quick recap of the Bears loss to the Jaguars.

NFL: Jacksonville Jaguars at Chicago Bears Patrick Gorski-USA TODAY Sports

Playing the Jacksonville Jaguars has its benefits, but on Sunday, the flat-tired Chicago Bears couldn’t take advantage despite having all the opportunities in the world.

Many Bears fans love Brian Hoyer, and for good reason: He’s played safe football for the entirety of his four starts since Jay Cutler went down with an injured throwing hand thumb. His numbers are good, he isn’t turning the ball over... But there is also a downside, one that we saw on Sunday versus Jacksonville: He’s not a baller.

Hoyer is a dink-and-dunk quarterback, and has perfected the art of short dump-offs and underneath passes. But when the Bears needed him the most (see: end of 1st half and end of 2nd half), he is who we though he was: A backup quarterback.

Let’s not throw shade his way, or down-play what he has done since filling in for Jay Cutler. He’s minimizes mistakes and kept the Bears in the game since he took over. That’s all you can ask of a backup quarterback.

But when it matters the most, the Chicago Bears were worse off having Hoyer at the helm, and desperately need Cutler to come back from injury if they’re going to have any chance at turning their season around.


John Fox is on notice. He’s not had a great 2016 season so far, and how in the heck can he take those timeouts into the locker room at the end of the first half, even with Hoyer as his quarterback? Come on, man.


The Bears continue to get his with penalties, and are now in the top-10 most under-disciplined teams in the league. The OL accounts for nearly half of the teams penalties this season... Dowell Loggains needs to get that in check, and quickly.

Speaking of the OL, depsite the penalties, they are jelling quite well now that they have a few games under their belt together. The arrow is pointing up here.


Last week versus the Colts, Howard got his first ever NFL touchdown, a reception from Brian Hoyer, On Sunday, versus the Jaguars, he got his first ever rushing touchdown. Congrats, rook.


The final stats can be found here. Props to Cameron Meredith, Ka’Deem Carey, and others.

What are your thoughts on the most recent Bears loss?