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Bears fan acts like an asshole, instigates a fight with Jaguars fan

Don’t be like this guy. Don’t be a terrible human being.

Fans of the Chicago Bears are frustrated right now, and have been for several years now. Actually, many fans that used to be frustrated have just become apathetic at this point, because a 4-15 home record since 2014 will sort of make you stop caring after a while. <insert “Hurt” by Cash or Reznor here, as appropriate>

But regardless of how your football team performs on any given day, don’t be like the guy in the video below. There is never, ever a reason to purposely treat people badly, unless they have committed some heinous crime that has affected you personally.

This guy is more than likely a loud-mouth jerk in real life too, away from football games. Whether he was trying to be funny, or didn’t think anyone would confront him, who knows.

But he’s clearly not a good person, and certainly not someone you should ever emulate.

[H/t to Deadspin]