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Are you ready for Jay Cutler to return yet?

Kansas City Chiefs v Chicago Bears Photo by Stacy Revere/Getty Images

With every missed offensive opportunity during Chicago Bears games, I can sense the Brian Hoyer fan club getting smaller and smaller. With every 3rd down pass thrown 1 yard short of the first down marker, I can feel the yearning for a Jay Cutler return growing ever so slightly... Yes, even amongst some of the "Haters."

There will still be plenty of vitriol spewed at Cutler, warranted or not, that’s just the way it is when dealing with Jay. Some feel he can do no wrong, others blame it all on him. I’m kind of numb to it all after seeing/hearing the same argument for years now. I’ve accepted Jay for who he is, and at this moment he’s still the best option for the Chicago Bears at quarterback.

In my latest podcast, T Formation Conversation (subscribe now on iTunes), I go over why the Bears need to go back to Jay Cutler as soon as he’s cleared.

FYI, on the show I did mention the Bears had a bye between the Packer TNF and Viking MNF game, but their bye week is actually after the Halloween night game in Minnesota.

Here are a few tweets that caught my eye about Brian Hoyer.

First a nice one...

I know I may come off as anti-Hoyer/pro-Cutler in my podcast, but I honestly don’t care who lines up under center for the Bears. I always will cheer the laundry and I only want to see my favorite team win.

Now a few that aren’t as complimentary...

And you may have seen this one in my Ten Thoughts...

What do you guys think?

Do the Bears have a better chance at a win with Brian Hoyer or Jay Cutler lining up at quarterback?