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WCG Predicts Bears vs Packers

Packers V Bears

This is the official Windy City Gridiron, Chicago Bears vs Green Bay Packers prediction thread.

Here’s how the WCG staff sees the game going.

Ken: Bears 28 - Packers 21
Both teams have injuries, both teams have problems, but Chicago has nothing to lose whereas Green Bay has pressure to win. There's no way Chicago should win this game, so we will.

Jeff: Bears 0 - Packers 0
Thursday Night Football is cancelled as a result of this game.

I would really, really be ok with the NFL doing away with playing on Thursday’s unless they can find a way to give every team a bye week heading into TNF. I still say an 18 week schedule with 2 byes is the perfect plan.

Jack: Packers 23 - Bears 16
One of those deceptively close scores where the Bears score a garbage time TD to get it back from 23-9. Barth converts the onside kick, and Hoyer throws an INT on 1st down.

Steven: Packers 26 - Bears 14

I liked Steven’s fantasy prediction much better.

Bears 40 - Packers 6: Things start badly for the Bears as Hoyer continues to be impressively unimpressive and they squander a few strong touchdown chances. The defense holds well though and they trail 6-3 at half.

Jay Cutler comes out of the tunnel, rips off his brace, and destroys the dismayed remnants of the Packers to silence everyone.

Seriously though, we're more likely to see Matt Barkley before that happens.

Robert: Packers 24 - Bears 14
There is no reason to trust in a Brian Hoyer led offense putting up enough points to beat Aaron Rodgers in Green Bay, regardless of injuries and struggles.

Lester: Packers 21 - Bears 9

Sam: Packers 35 Bears 16
Hoyer is only good for one touchdown a game it seems and with all the talk of "What's wrong with the Packers" it has the inevitable feeling of five Aaron Rodgers first half TD passes followed by a second half of Scott Tolzien or whatever flunky is currently Rodgers' No. 2.

EJ: Packers 20 - Bears 13
Bears play a decent game, keep it close and frustrate Rodgers through the 1st half. Then fail to make any adjustments and get a combined total 23 yards of offense the rest of the way.

Josh: Packers 31 - Bears 17
I'd honestly like to see what Barkley has. That, or see Cutty throw left-handed.

Dane: Bears 21 -Packers 16

Superfans: Bears 55 - Packers 3
Bears score 5 defensive touchdowns, Jordan Howard adds 2 scores, Conner Barth makes 2 FG tries and the CBS cameras catch this stuff from the Packers all night long.

Make sure you guys get all your score predictions in the comment section so we can see who the football geniuses are!