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Three keys for the Chicago Bears to defeat the Minnesota Vikings

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It could happen, the 1-6, last place Chicago Bears could pull off the upset against the 5-1, NFC North leading Minnesota Vikings. I get that you are what your record says you are, but the 2016 Bears are not going to end up a 1 win team. They are getting healthier and they may have the perfect storm brewing to stick the Vikes with a second consecutive loss.

The Vikings are a very good and well coached football team, but they are not without their own issues. The Philadelphia Eagles kind of exposed some of their problems on Sunday when they beat them 21-10.

In my latest episode of T Formation Conversation (subscribe now!), I pinpoint exactly what I feel the Bears must do to defeat the Vikings in Minnesota on Halloween night.

I'm not going out on a limb and predicting a Chicago win, but if they are able to do these three things, and do them well, they could shock the football world on Monday Night Football.

On my podcast I talk a little bit about Bears rookie Leonard Floyd and his "breakout" game on Thursday in Green Bay, and since I had Dane get me these sweet GIFs I wanted to share them somewhere.

I intended to break down the sacks, but our colleague Robert Zeglinski nailed it over the weekend. If you haven't checked out his article "Leonard Floyd breaks out in Green Bay. Anatomy of a play(s)" do it now.

Here are my quickie Cliff-Notes breakdowns...

On this first sack, check out Floyd get skinny as he shoots the B-Gap, then hustles back to his feet to take down Aaron Rodgers.

Displaying gbsack1.gif

If his technique catches up with his athleticism and desire, Floyd could be a special player.

On this second sack, where he picks up the Superfecta (Sack, forced fumble, fumble recovery and TD!) he and Willie Young execute a stunt where the defensive end (Young) stays strong on the right tackle, while Floyd, who is lined up at the 3-Technique, loops around the edge. Young actually does the dirty work on this play as he blows up the Packer tackle, but Floyd's relentless hustle gets him to the QB.

Displaying gbsack2.gif

What do you guys think about these two sacks and what do you think about my three keys for the Bears to pull off the upset?