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Bears-Less Sunday: NFL Week 8 Pre-Party Livestream and Open Thread

The Bears play their first game in eleven days tomorrow before taking another whole week off. But we still have plenty to discuss on this week’s WCG Sunday Livestream!

NFL: Chicago Bears at Green Bay Packers Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

Good morning everyone, and another enjoyable Bears-less Sunday. Yes, there will be another one of these next week, although next week is the actual half-way point of the season as far as the Bears are concerned. It’s pretty nice how the schedule cuts itself in half like that this year.

But as usual, there is no shortage of Bears bits to discuss, so we’ll be bringing you another edition of the WCG Sunday Livestream this week!

If you want to get in touch with us, there are several avenues to do so:

  • Here, right here, in this comment thread. We love reading our comments, as occasionally it gives us a direction to talk towards (if you watched last week, you know what this refers to!).
  • Over on the actual Twitch channel here.
  • And over on the Twitters. I’m at @SJS_illini, he’s at @SamHouseholder.

And of course we’ll be live at about 9:30 AM CT or so, when this window down here lights up. We’ll see you then.