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What is Plan B with Kevin White now injured?

Dennis Wierzbicki-USA TODAY Sports

The Chicago Bears' franchise received terrible news with the injury to 2015 number one draft pick Kevin White. This is his 2nd season altering injury in as many years and with only 4 games under his belt, the Bears can't know for sure what they have in him.

His injuries obviously complicate the Alshon Jeffery contract situation. Jeffery has proven to be a difference maker when healthy, but the Bears aren't completely sold on giving him a long term deal. I'm sure they were going to use 2016 to gauge White's development on taking over Jeffery's #1WR role with the Bears.

But that's a topic for the Bears to address after the season, in the short term, the Bears are trying to weather the loss of a starting wide receiver.

Will they turn to 2nd year pro Cameron Merideth?

Will they utilize the recently added Paul Lasike and pound the ball with a fullback?

I discuss Chicago's options to replace Kevin White for the rest of 2016 in my latest T Formation Conversation.

Let me know what you guys think the Bears will do on offense with White out and be sure to subscribe now on iTunes!