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Thursday Night Football Open Thread

Watch two NFC West teams battle it out on Thursday night. As a special bonus, we link you to SB Nation's live stream of the event.

Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports

The Arizona Cardinals were supposed to be a powerhouse team in the NFC this season. The 49ers were hoping to be revitalized by Chip Kelley. Instead, both teams sit at 1-3, holding the same record as the Beloved.

We all know, looking at that deficit from the perspective of the Bears, how much each of these teams is hoping to pull off a win. We also know how difficult it is going to be for either team to pull back to even--let alone into playoff contention--at this point. However, stranger things have happened.

This night promises to be full of interesting angles, and there are plenty of storylines to follow. However, the most important thing is that it's football. Almost as import, SB Nation is bringing you a legal live stream of the event [HERE].

So, while you are sure to Open Thread Responsibly (TM), also be sure to check out the live stream provided by SB Nation.