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Chicago Bears vs Indianapolis Colts 4th Quarter Open Thread

Join us below as our Bears vs Colts coverage continues!

Chicago Bears v Indianapolis Colts Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images


Chicago Bears 13

Indianapolis Colts 19


The Chicago Bears have been playing good football today, especially considering the amount of injuries they are having to deal with among their starting lineup.

Offensively, (current) backups Brian Hoyer and Jordan Howard have been leading the charge on offense, hanging with the Colts firepower of Andrew Luck and Frank Gore.

On defense, the Bears have come up with a bit of a pass rush, although that can be contributed to the Colts offensive line as much as the Bears front-7.

Connor Barth hit two field goals in the first half, but missed another in the 3rd quarter. It wouldn’t be a surprise if the Bears bring in a free agent or two this week for tryouts.

Can the Bears have a good 4th Quarter and bring home their second straight victory? Stay tuned...

This is your Chicago Bears vs Indianapolis Colts 4th Quarter Open Thread... Have fun!