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Chicago Bears mannequin challenge video: Jay Cutler and what even is going on here

The Chicago Bears have gotten into the mannequin challenge game...

Minnesota Vikings v Chicago Bears Photo by Elsa/Getty Images

The latest internet gimmick has people all over the world standing very, very still and very, very quiet for several minutes at a time... And that’s about the gist of it.

It’s the Mannequin Challenge!

I’ve no idea where this started, but from what we’ve seen, this is getting some high level attention.

For the first time since former head coach Lovie Smith stood on Bears sideline, the Chicago Bears got into the mannequin action...

It’s always fun to see starting quarterback Jay Cutler getting into the fun, but you have to wonder what it would have been like with Brian Urlacher and Olin Kreutz still there.

Some previous challenges from around the internet...

If you’ve seen any others that are pretty good, link to them down in the comments section.

And of course, feel free to rate Cutler and the Bears crew on how you think they did with theirs.