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Thursday Night Football Open Thread

NFL: Buffalo Bills at Baltimore Ravens
The Windy City Flyer
Mitch Stringer-USA TODAY Sports

Tonight features the Cleveland Browns (0-9) facing off against the Baltimore Ravens (4-4). The Ravens actually lead the AFC North, and are 9th in Ken’s actually-watched-the-games team rankings. Meanwhile, the Browns are looking for their first win of the season. They will be fighting against history, as their total record against Baltimore has only seen 9 wins compared to 26 losses.

The Bears-centric take on this game features an absent coordinator and an all-time great. Baltimore was temporarily the home of Marc Trestman, who saw himself get relieved of his offensive coordinator duties before midseason. Additionally, the Ravens are also the new home of Devin Hester, a Chicago great who has become something of a journeyman at this stage in his career. Hester has yet to get a touchdown this season, but he is averaging over 28 yards per return.

There’s also some interesting college football going on tonight, which might be more tempting for viewers than the NFL game.

Enjoy and Open Thread responsibly.