*Ask a Giants Fan*

What's up what's up Windy City Faithful? I hail from the land of Big Blue View and I'm here to give you guys the inside scoop on everything related to my New York Giants in preparation for our matchup this week. So without further adu, let's get this ball rollin'

  • So the Giants are one of the more interesting teams in the league this year in that we can't seem to win any game by a margin nearing double-digits. Thankfully, even when our offense falters late, our defense seems to step up and vice versa. Also something I've noticed in these last 2 games that hasn't been happening for a good 2 years...the Giants actually remembered how to play football in the first half! It's a miracle I tell ya!
  • Our offensive line is kinda like when you use duct tape to fix a leaky's not supposed to work but it gets the job done short-term. Last game we had our Pro Bowl Guard Justin Pugh out with a leg injury. Former CFL-lineman Brett Jones filled in admirably...right up until he also got hurt. Enter third-string tandem Adam Gettis and former RT and 2nd-most hated player on the team, Marshall Newhouse. The pair (mostly Gettis) did an alright job and the rest of the line held up pretty well I may say. It'll be interesting to see who is where on Sunday.
  • On that note, we also had a running game (well sort of). Jennings had a good night against the Bengals but the Giants still cannot seem to get it together and with a backfield of Perkins, Darkwa, and Jennings, I honestly wonder if they ever will this season.
  • Our defense is finally doing what they're paid to do and that seems to be the turning point in this run here. JPP and OV are getting to the QB, and even if they're not getting sacks they're rushing throws...throws that usually end up in the hands of the God-like Landon Collins, who is having himself an amazing year!
  • The one true issue I see with our offense is our horrifying Madden-esque approach to the offense. What do I mean by that? We run an astonishing 95 PERCENT of our offensive plays from the "13" formation (1 RB, 1 TE, 3 WR, shotgun distance). That's deplorable Especially since the league average is around 59%.
  • Essentially we run 4 main plays: HB Draw, TE Cross/Slant, Deep Ball to Beckham, and Screen Pass. If you can defend against those you will be golden!
Alright so with that being said I have 5 questions for you guys before I open the floor to any questions you have for me!
  1. Not gonna lie, when the Giants drafted RB Paul Perkins with Jordan Howard sitting right there I wasn't the happiest person in the world. That being said, is he living up to his expectations as Matt Forte's replacement?
  2. What would you say (besides QB) is your weakest position on both sides of the ball? What are your strongest?
  3. Who are two players (one from each side of the ball) that I as a Giants fan may not know of but whom will definitely make an impact on gameday?
  4. If you could steal any two players from the Giants (again one from each side of the ball) not including Odell Beckham, who would you take and why?
  5. How has Leonard Floyd been playing? I liked him a lot going right into Draft Day.
That's all I got folks. The floor is yours!

P.S. Congrats on the Cubs victory! As a Mets fan I was rooting for them all the way after we were knocked out!

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