2017 Offseason Look Ahead

So here we go. This is my ideal and somewhat realistic 2017 offseason.


Fire Fox, ST Coordinator, and Offensive staff. (Would be great to keep Stan Drayton, hopefully new HC cna convince him to stay)

Retain Fangio and Defensive staff if possible - If not, we need to find another 3-4 D Coordinator

Hire Josh McDaniels as Head Coach and Play-caller - You want someone who can coach X's and O's and put together a great offensive game plan? He is your guy. He flamed out in Denver, but he learned a lot and it really humbled him. Here is a great article about it -

Cut / Trade Cutler - Pretty sure this was obvious when you read "McDaniels"... Cutler is not ALWAYS the reason the Bears lose games, but he does cost the Bears some games and a lot of his positive stats have come in the 3rd and 4th quarters of games when the Bears are significantly behind due to the offense's lack of production, 3 and outs, penalties, or turnovers in the first half.

Let Alshon walk - I love Alshon as a player. I even have a signed Alshon Jeffrey Chicago Bears full-size helmet that I treasure...but his limited availability and high price tag are deterrents.

Cut Lamar Houston



Markus Wheaton (WR) - Would be great to spend big money on Terrelle Pryor, but I think CLE keeps him and it would be tough to have 2 WRs that need to develop. Wheaton is a solid contributor that would be a great #4 or #5 WR.

Jack Doyle (TE) - Vance McDonald would be another option to pair with Miller

Ryan Schraeder (RT) - Very good RT

Calais Campbell (DE) - Leadership and toughness, even though he will be over 30

Kayvon Webster (CB) - The guess is Denver lets him walk since they have Chris Harris and Talib making big money and will need to re-sign Roby soon. Webster is a #2 corner on most teams.

Darian Stewart (FS) - Makes plays but can still lay the lumber. Would love to have Eric Berry here, but I think KC locks him up. Both are 28-29 next season.


Trade 1st Rd Pick for Jimmy Garoppolo - I think NE would make this trade since the Bears will have a high draft pick. They will probably end up taking someone like Jabril Peppers and making him a Hall of Famer or trading the 1st round pick for 15 other lower picks over the next 5 years. Whatever. In the limited action he has seen, he seems like a better QB than Watson/ Kizer / Trubisky / Kaaya. If you are using the 1st round pick on a QB no matter what, why not get one with experience in the NFL in a great offensive system that has been coached well?

2nd Rd - Corey Davis - WR - W Mich - Polished route runner, good speed, great hands, almost 6'3". Steps in to #2 WR role.

3rd Rd - Pat Mahomes - QB - Texas Tech - Here is your developmental QB behind Garoppolo. Let him learn. He has the tools.

4th Rd - Daniel Carlson - K - Auburn - Best Kicker in the country. Pretty big leg, very accurate, clutch.

4th Rd - OLB / DE with high upside that needs development - I truly don't know this deep in the draft who would fit this description.

5th Rd- OLB / DE with high upside that needs development - I truly don't know this deep in the draft who would fit this description.

7th Rd - Cameron Johnston - P - Ohio State - Punter with a huge leg. Best Punter in the country. "Make Special Teams Great Again."


QB - Garoppolo / Mahomes / Shaw

RB - Howard / Carey / Langford

FB - Lasike

WR - White / Wheaton

WR - Davis / Meredith

Slot - Royal / Braverman

TE - Miller / Doyle / Braunecker

LT - Leno / Adams

LG - Sitton

C - Whitehair / Grassu

RD - Long / Kush

RT - Schraeder / Massie

DE - Campbell / Bullard

NT - Goldman / Sutton

DE - Hicks / CornWash / Rookie

OLB - Floyd / Young

ILB - Trevathan / Timu

ILB - Freeman / Kwiatkoski

OLB - McPhee / Rookie

CB - Porter / Fuller

CB - Webster / Hall

Nickel - Callahan / LeBlanc

FS - Stewart / Jones-Quartey / Houston-Carson

SS - Amos / Bush

K - Carlson

P - Johnston

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