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The Chicago Bears need to move on from Jay Cutler

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

I'm done with Jay Cutler and I have a feeling the Chicago Bears are done with him too.

Don't get me wrong, because believe it or not, I'm a fan of his, I'm just tired of the Jay Cutler roller coaster and I think it's time for Chicago to get off the ride as well.

My feelings for Cutler are still the same as they've been for a while now. They're the same as when I wrote that Cutler "is what he is" a couple years ago. He's a middle of the road QB (his year to year passer rating confirms that) with the ability to get hot, but he's also prone to go cold at times. He's always been inconsistent, but we, as fans, mostly hope his inconsistencies rear up on a quarter to quarter basis and not on a game by game basis. If he can play decent for a game or two, then flub up a quarter or two, before going back to being average for a game, then getting hot for a half, before throwing a horrible interception, before ending a half managing the game, then many of us can we can live with that.

In the latest edition of my podcast, T Formation Conversation, I go over some changes that the Bears need to make this offseason, and if you haven't deduced by now, I think the time has come for the Bears to get rid of Jay Cutler.

I think all Chicago Bears' fans can agree that the narrative surrounding our team is exhausting. I know our regular readers that peruse our comment sections are tired of the constant bickering.

Good Jay vs Bad Jay. Which was preceded by Good Rex vs Bad Rex. Ugh...

Should the back up QB should start? Do you guys remember when some fans were actually pining for Caleb "Freaking" Hanie?

Do the coaches trust Cutler? Marc Trestman would rather start Jimmy "Out of the league" Clausen!

Do his teammates believe in him? Whether true or not, every year the stories pop up form current or former teammates bitching about Jay.

I just think the franchise needs a new beginning and that's something they'll never completely get until the face of the franchise is gone.

Be sure you give my Podcast a listen, because dumping Cutler isn't the only change I think has to happen for 2017 and I promise the next time I record my show, I'll take it in a more positive direction.