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How many Core 2017 Chicago Bears players are on the current roster?

Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports

When Chicago Bears' general manager Ryan Pace and his staff are scouting college players and potential free agents for the 2017 season, they need to identify who, from the current roster, are going to be their core players moving forward. Pace may be a best-player-available drafter, but doubling down on some positions, positions where a clear cut #1 is in place, doesn't always make sense.

Take center for example, rookie Cody Whitehair looks like a future Pro Bowler, so I can't see Pace picking another center early in the draft. Especially with the two starting guard positions manned by Pro Bowlers as well. Early picks should be early contributors, so taking an interior lineman in the 1st, 2nd or 3rd rounds may not make sense.

In my latest T Formation Conversation podcast (Subscribe now on iTunes!), I look over the current Bears roster to find the core Bears that should be impact players in 2017.

My definition of core player is subjective, because I'm not identifying all the players that will return next season, but just the ones that I feel are clear-cut starting caliber players that they should be able to count on.

Give the podcast a listen and let me know if you agree with the offensive and defensive players I've identified as core Bears in 2017.