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Thursday Night Football Open Thread

NFL: New Orleans Saints at Carolina Panthers Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports

Tonight features a showdown between the New Orleans Saints and the Carolina Panthers. With the star power of Brees and Newton, plus the aura of a divisional game featuring the NFC Champions from the previous year, this should be a big game.

Unfortunately for both teams, their seasons have gotten off to exceptionally rocky starts. The Saints sit at 4-5, while the Panthers are at 3-6. The Bears-centric take on this evening is pretty slanted toward Carolina, with the Panthers having Greg Olsen as their tight end and Ron Rivera as their head coach.

While both teams have losing records, the Saints have a path to the playoffs left to them if they can pull to .500 against a divisional rival. On the other hand, the Panthers are currently at the bottom of the division and are struggling.

Over on the college side of things, Houston faces off against Louisville.

Who is watching what tonight? Check in below and remember to Open Thread responsibly.