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Chicago Bears 2016 Rookie Class Bye Week Assessment

Stacy Revere/Getty Images

The Chicago Bears finished their first half of the 2016 season at a disapointing 2 wins and 6 loses. I don't think many Bears' fans thought it would be so ugly, then again, I don't thnk many Bears' fans anticipated injuries up and down their roster. Nose tackle, offensive linemen, corners, wide outs, quarterbacks, running backs and linebackers have all missed time this season.

With the bye week coming up, the Bears will have a chance to heal, and hopefully do some self-scouting to get back on the winning track.

I'm taking this mid-season break as an opportunity to delve into the 2016 rookie class of the Chicago Bears in my latest T Formation Conversation podcast (subscribe now on iTunes!). I examine how they've all performed so far and speculate of what the future holds for each of them

Let me know what you guys think about all the 2016 rookies on the Bears right now.

Also be sure to stay tuned for Ken's grades on all of GM Ryan Pace's draft picks and undrafted free agent pick ups through his two years on the job. That article drops later this week. EDIT: It can be found right here!