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Vikings vs. Lions Open Thread

NFL: Minnesota Vikings at Chicago Bears
The Bears have beaten both of the teams that lead the division. Weird.
Mike DiNovo-USA TODAY Sports

This is a tough one to start the day, because with the Packers waning and the division being fought over by a air of 6-4 teams, it’s easy for Bears fans to imagine “what if” scenarios. Instead, the Vikings and Lions are fighting it out for control of the NFC North.

The Vikings made a high-stakes trade to bring in Sam Bradford, and despite being one of only two teams to lose to the Bears this season, they are in striking distance of the playoffs. The other team to lose to the Bears? The Detroit Lions.

On the other hand, the anticipated collapse of the Lions with the retirement of Calvin Johnson has instead become a resurgence, and fans of Chicago can only wish that the angry matriarch of Halas Hall had been able to get similar results to her displeased counterpart in Detroit.

Oh well. This is a divisional game and someone has to win. What are you hoping for? Tell us below, and Open Thread responsibly.