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Washington vs. Dallas Game Day Thread

NFL: Chicago Bears at Dallas Cowboys
One of these two is a very good quarterback destined to replace a gunslinger.
Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

The Dallas Cowboys are doing okay. It’s possible that they will get through this whole “Romo being injured” thing, and unlike last year, when Washington was able to take advantage of a struggling division to fight their way to the top of the NFC East, this year they are in third place with a 6-3-1 record.

For the Cowboys, this game is about increasing the distance between themselves and the rest of the group. They need to keep rolling and stay injury free in order to make the most of a fantastic season.

For Kirk Cousins’ team, this game is about staying relevant to the playoff race and not losing a step on the competition. It’s unlikely Washington will be able to catch Dallas, but then it doesn’t have to. The team just needs enough wins to get a wild card, and then anything can happen (just look to their divisional rivals the Giants, who have followed that same formula to a Lombardi trophy).

In any event, try to enjoy the game and Open Thread responsibly.