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Steelers vs. Colts Open Thread

NFL: Chicago Bears at Indianapolis Colts
Is John Fox wondering if Indy needs a defensive coordinator next year?
Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

For today’s Thanksgiving extravaganza, it’s time to turn to the AFC, where a pair of .500 teams are going to battle it out to see if it’s possible to get back into the playoff race. Actually, that’s a little inaccurate. Both teams are already in the playoff race, as the AFC North is headed by the 5-5 Baltimore Ravens and the Colts are only one game behind Houston.

These are two teams that (even more than is usual for the NFL) will basically go where their quarterbacks take them. The Colts have already beaten the Bears, but that has turned out to be a rather low bar for teams this year. They will presumably have a bigger challenge going up against the Steelers.

Pittsburgh has history on its side, as they have won 16 of the 22 matchups against Indianapolis.

What say you, Bears fans? Have you had too much football and too much turkey, or are you ready to Open Thread responsibly?