NFL Overtime Ties are a Big Problem!

The NFL must correct this next season. The new overtime rule is great. I think it gives both teams an equal chance to win but ending the game after the OT clock expires is absurd. Play until there is a WINNER, Double OT, Triple OT whatever it takes but no ties! The Denver vs KC Sunday night game is a perfect example. Simple call for Kubiak if the game was ended by a winner and not the OT clock. Instead Denver has to kick a 62 yard FG because nobody plays to tie especially not in a 17 game NFL season, it craps all over the standings.

There can't be anyone who thinks ties in the NFL are good for the league. It kills the game! Teams are battling 60 mins and the last thing anybody wants is to walk off the field with a TIE? It's a joke and the NFL needs to correct this? So are they changing the OT rules in the playoffs and Super Bowl?

The whole point of OT is that it's sudden death to determine a winner?

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