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Chicago Bears vs Detroit Lions 3rd Quarter Open Thread

Join us inside as our Chicago Bears coverage continues!

NFL: Chicago Bears at Detroit Lions Tim Fuller-USA TODAY Sports


Chicago Bears 3

Detroit Lions 10


The Chicago Bears versus Detroit Lions game today has been largely uneventful— Jeremy Langford has run the ball well, Matthew Stafford has thrown the ball well, and both teams have kicked a field goal in the first half.

Stafford did bang up a finger on his throwing hand, with CBS at one point helpfully pointing out that he’s changed gloves a career high 4 times today.

This is a game that Detroit will play a little more conservatively, and just want to get out with a win to stay in commanding lead in the NFC North. If the Bears can somehow pull off the upset, the Lions lead could be cut to one game in the division (assuming the Vikings will beat the Jaguars; also the Packers play this afternoon).

We’ve got 30 minutes of football remaining... Stay tuned.

This is your Bears vs Lions 3rd Quarter Open Thread... Have fun!