Looking Ahead

Ok, so watching that avalanche of yellow laundry calling itself the second Bears-Lions game was about as much fun as being skinned alive by a palsy victim with a belt sander.

So where are we?

We're a team with a whole crapload of injuries and guys who won't be coming back next year. This fanpost is intended as an all-purpose dumping ground for issues connected to 2017, but especially the following:

1: Who's getting cut? Why?

2: Who's getting drafted? Why?

3: Our opponent slate in 2017 is the following:

NFC North

NFC South

AFC North

Bottom-feeder teams from NFC West and NFC East (at time of writing, this means San Francisco 49ers and Philadelphia Eagles - miracles could still happen for somebody other than the Bears, but I'm not seeing it.)

I'm assuming that the 49er game will be in Santa Clara and the Eagle game will be in Chicago, but I'm not positive of that.



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