How do you guys keep your sanity as Bears fans?

My first introduction to the Bears was arriving in Evanston as a freshman in September 1985. That was a pretty good first date. I followed the team through the fun of the Ditka years, the perplexity of the Wanny era (I do miss his pressers), Jauronimo, and "Rex is our quarterback...We get off the bus running...We are getting better every week."

Except it never got better. When my son was born, I said I cannot devote any more time to this horrendous team and devoted myself to college football. When I do peek in on the Bears on occasion, I never fail to be amazed how the Bears fuch up football. The latest was my ill advised decision to watch the last 7 minutes vs the Lions. My reward was yet another Bears shit sandwich. Nobody screws up football like the Bears.

I want to love the Bears. I want them to win and smash people doing it. But I just cannot bear to watch.

How do you guys keep your sanity?

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