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Ten Thoughts on the NFL

Dallas Cowboys v New York Giants Photo by Al Bello/Getty Images

1) The Seattle Seahawks had their worst performance of the season, with quarterback Russell Wilson throwing 5 interceptions, while getting sacked 3 times, and their defense allowing a season high 38 points to the Green Bay Packers.

Luckily for them they have the hapless Los Angeles Rams up next on Thursday Night Football, which gives them a little extra time to prepare to host the Arizona Cardinals on Christmas Eve, before finishing the season in San Francisco agaisnt an awful 49er team. This gives them three more games to figure out how to play without one of the better safety’s in the league, Earl Thomas, who was lost to the season with a broken leg two Sundays ago.

2) And speaking of the hapless Rams, they fired head coach Jeff Fisher on Monday, a little more than a week after the news leaked about the contact extension that he inked before the season.

Just how bad has Fisher been?

Not only did he tie Dan Reeves’ record for the most NFL coaching losses of all time when he dropped his 165th game on Sunday, 42-14 to the Atlanta Falcons, but Fisher hasn’t presided over a winning team since George W. Bush was the President of the United States.

To be fair, Fisher didn’t have a job in 2011, but in 22 years of being a head coach in the NFL, Fisher only had 6 winning seasons.

3) You would have thought Fisher was still coaching the Tennessee Titans when this happened on Sunday.

Football is a dangerous enough sport, there’s no need for crap like this.

4) That Harry Douglas cheap shot wasn’t the only one over the weekend.


4a) Speaking of Idiots.

I hope these jackwagons are prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

5) Never change Eli Manning, never change...

6) The New York Giants beat the Dallas Cowboys on Sunday Night Football by a score of 10-7, which was Dallas’ first loss since week one. It was also Cowboy rookie quarterback Dak Prescott’s worst game of his 13 game career. So naturally the hot takes by the media and social media alike centered around Dallas benching Dak in favor of veteran Tony Romo.

The Cowboys host the Tampa Bay Buccaneers next (also on SNF), then they host the Detroit Lions (on MNF), before finishing the season in Philadelphia against the Eagles. So if they were going to make a change at QB, they’d need to do so soon.

But I wouldn’t pull the plug on Prescott quite yet. He’s young, he’s growing on the job and the Cowboys still control their destiny for home field advantage in the NFC.

7) Speaking of the Buccaneers, they are one of three teams that have a winning record and a negative point differential. At 8-5, they have a -3 point differential, the Miami Dolphins, also 8-5, are at -20, and the 7-6 Houston Texans are at -45.

There are currently 18 teams in the NFL with a winning record. Among the 14 teams with a losing record, 5 have a positive point differential.

8) Look, up in the sky. It’s a bird. It’s a plane. No, it’s...

It’s SuperShea!

9) In a week that saw Oakland’s Derek Carr and Detroit’s Matthew Stafford probably play themselves out of the MVP talk, New England’s Tom Brady shoehorned himself back in it with 406 passing yards in their 30-23 win against the Baltimore Ravens.

I know I shouldn’t be amazed with what the 39 year old Brady is doing, but playing that good at that age is incredible. It doesn’t matter the offensive talent around him, he just keeps getting it done.

10) Alshon Jeffery is done with his 4 game suspension and he has three games remaining in his 2016 audition for big money. The soon to be free agent could be franchise tagged again by the Chicago Bears, but I’d say it’s just as likely the Bears let him walk and take a chance that they can collect a compensatory draft pick they’d get for losing him.

EDIT: For a breakdown on the compensatory pick methodology click here.

Jeffery does still lead the Bears with 630 yards, so another thousand yard season is a long shot. Jeffery should be completely over any nagging strains and bruises he was suffering from, and he should get plenty of chances with the banged up Bears receiving corps.