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Bears play perfect game for draft position Sunday

An entertaining game that ultimately came up short

Green Bay Packers v Chicago Bears Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

No die hard football fan wants to suffer through a losing season.

Watching a three-win football team in December, especially when it’s a proud and storied franchise like the Chicago Bears is never easy.

However, there is a light at the end of this God-foresaken tunnel: the 2017 NFL Draft.

WCG has already started looking at mock drafts and exploring possible selections for the Bears but the final two games of the season could still have implications on who picks where.

That’s why Sunday’s game was so perfect.

I’m still rooting for the Bears to win. Truly. I especially wanted nothing more than to see them defeat the Packers on Sunday and knock their most fierce rival out of the playoffs.

As soon as the John Fox decided to kick the field goal on fourth and goal, I just had a feeling the game was lost.

Just a couple minutes later, it was.

But that was all right too because it completed the perfect game for the Bears: it was an entertaining, exciting game where the players played their hearts out, fought hard to the very end but came up short, ultimately bringing the team one step closer to clinching the fourth overall draft pick.

That’s all I can ask of from my favorite team: give me a product worth watching on a lazy Sunday afternoon.

If I was a Jets fan or a 49ers fan, I’d be bummed out. Those teams look listless and play like they’ve already cleaned out their lockers.

One of the few compliments that may be given to the Bears is that they continue to play hard and fight in their games. They haven’t given up on their coaches yet, unlike in New York or San Francisco or Jacksonville.

I enjoy football and I really enjoy the Chicago Bears and it would take me a lot to not tune in when they are playing a regular season game but back in 2014 I turned off more than one game.

Watching players phone it in and not give their best was frustrating and angering and while watching the losses pile up isn’t exactly pleasant, next spring I will feel a lot better about it.

Give me a close loss in December (I can’t even call Sunday’s loss heartbreaking because it was a. Expected and b. Came with nothing to play for) and an early draft pick in April.

At least then I can look forward to the future.