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Thursday Night Football Open Thread

Chicago Bears v New York Giants Photo by Jeff Zelevansky/Getty Images

Remember when the Eagles, led by Carson Wentz, opened their season 3-0 and seemed ready to take command of the NFC East? Hmm, how about this one—remember when those same Eagles went to New York (yes, I know, New Jersey) and lost, with Wentz throwing a pair of interceptions? The Eagles sit at 5-9, and they are hoping they get a little bit of payback against division rival New York.

Meanwhile, Eli Manning seems to be doing that thing again where he’s not really good but he is, and the Giants defense is playing well but not in a way that is easily described. They are, therefore, in the midst of a run to the playoffs and sit at 10-4 with their eyes on a wild card. Interesting things happen when the Giants get a wild card.

The Bears have lost to both teams already, so it’s unlikely recent history is a guide in how to feel about any of this.

Still, it’s football. Open Thread responsibly!