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Bears vs Redskins pregame Open Thread: Where are you for the holiday?

Where are you celebrating the holiday this weekend?

Carolina Panthers v Washington Redskins Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images

Soldier Field could be a bit more festive today than many other games this season, considering game tickets get gifted as presents during the holiday season, but one has to wonder if there will still be thousands of unused tickets as we’ve seen a few times this season in Chicago.

But, it’s the last game at home this year, and the Washington Redskins are still technically not out of the playoff hunt in the NFC. But if the Bears pull off the upset, they can say they officially knocked Washington out of the postseason race.

For the Chirstmas holiday, what are your plans?

Are you traveling like WCG editor Steven Schweickert? Or staying in with friends and family? Or are you more of a hermit during the holidays like many?

Go ahead and share your pregame thoughts, and we’ll be back shortly for kickoff.

This is your Bears vs Redskins pregame Open Thread... Have fun!