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Chicago Bears vs Washington Redskins 3rd Quarter Open Thread

Join us inside as our game day coverage continues!

Washington Redskins v Chicago Bears Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images

The Chicago Bears started out Saturday afternoon hoping to upset the Washington Redskins and knock them completely out of playoff contention, but after one half of football, they are really just trying to keep pace.

Matt Barkley and the Bears offense is showing their usual grit, but the Bears very much look like a team fielding a bunch of backups and reserves.

The Redskins offense has been able to move the football all season long, but haven’t always been able to punch it into the end zone... But so far in just 30 minutes of play, they’ve scored three touchdowns (and added a field goal, to boot) versus a Bears defense that has been stingy for most of the season, but who are also limping due to injuries as much as their offensive counterparts.

The Bears, on the other hand, have shown the ability to make some plays under reserve quarterback Matt Barkley, but are also dealing with the struggles of missing key linemen and play-makers in half of their starting lineup.

Can the Bears put together a rally and send fans home with a surprise Christmas present victory, or will the Redskins keep the heat turned on enough to keep their playoff hopes alive? Stay tuned...

This is your Bears vs Redskins 3rd Quarter Open Thread... Have fun!