These Bears Need Some Yoga - Do we have any Yogis on here who could teach them?


--Anecdotal Evidence Ahead--

I practiced yoga while playing Lacrosse in college, and could always tell the difference in those seasons to others because I felt much more balanced and in control of awkward movements and strange landings after being hit/dodging/running/hitting. I was almost never injured those years, other than some jammed fingers, concussions and bruises. Obviously its not a fix all, and huge hits will still break things, but the past few seasons we have seen too many of our best or promising players (A.J., Grasu, Fuller, Wilson, Houston celebrating...exc.) fall to non-contact soft tissue injuries.

These are exactly the sort of injuries that a seasoned yoga practitioner would be well prepared to avoid. Also, the meditation and mindfulness exercises are a great thing for any person in such a violent sport. The Yin and the Yang as they say. When you are aware instinctively of which muscles need to fire to continue to be balanced, you will be better off when you have no time to think and must do.

If we have any Yoga teachers out there who are also Bears fans (or close friends of Bears fans, or spouses of Bears fans..), please please please contact the team sometime this offseason and explain, probably much more eloquently than I have here, why our Chicago Bears need to hire you to teach them Asanas for the 2017 season and beyond.

Fox or other Bears personnel, if you are reading this please seriously look into getting these guys a Yoga teacher. I promise you will appreciate the results.

Bear Down

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