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Chicago Bears vs San Francisco 49ers 2nd Quarter Open Thread

Join us inside as our Chicago Bears game day coverage continues!

San Francisco 49ers v Chicago Bears Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images


Chicago Bears

San francisco 49ers


The Chicago Bears are playing among about 20,000 fans today, according to a tweet from Chris Emma, which shows just how sad the state of affairs are in Chicago. The Bears are among the most expensive game tickets in the league, yet tens of thousands of fans would rather stay home today than go to the game.

So far in their game versus the 49ers, we’ve seen the weather and lack of offensive talent for both teams lead us to a scoreless contest. The punters have been busy, and both defenses look okay, but there hasn’t been any offensive production whatsoever.

We should see a 2nd quarter full of runs by Jordan Howard, and scrambles by Colin Kaepernick... And that’s likely about it.

Can the Bears put something together and get some points on the board? Stay tuned...

This is your Bears vs 49ers 2nd Quarter Open Thread... Have fun!