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Do you think Matt Barkley can be the Chicago Bears' QB of the future?

Caylor Arnold-USA TODAY Sports

The Chicago Bears have had one legit franchise quarterback in the last 50 plus years. There's been a few guys that have had decent 3 or 4 year runs, but no one that the team knew would be The Man at the position year in and year out like Sid Luckman in the 40's or Jay Cutler since 2009. You may not have been enamored with Cutler through the years, but the Bears believed in him enough to trade for him and to sign him to a long term deal. So by definition, Jay was their franchise QB.

However Cutler's run may be ending at the conclusion of this season if the Bears seek a fresh start. That fresh start may include current starting QB Matt Barkley, but I don't think he's done enough in his 2 plus games to be considered the future at the position. I don't even think a solid four more games to close out the 2016 season should ensure him a starting gig with the Bears in 2017.

In my latest T Formation Podcast (Subscribe now on iTunes!), I take a look at a few Bear QBs of yesteryear that had decent finishes to their respective seasons, which had some Bear fans thinking they were the future at the position in Chicago.

The three guys I reference all had different paths to the NFL and the Bears, all three ended up not being their future at the QB position, and all three actually had a better statistical run than Barkley's 2+ games so far.

I'll be cheering for Barkley to light it up as the Bears close out 2016, but I still want to see an actual long term plan put in place by general manager Ryan Pace for the quarterback position.