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Chicago Bears Sackwatch 2016: Week 13 vs San Francisco 49ers

Every week I'll break down the sacks allowed by the Chicago Bears in my Sackwatch series and I'll keep a running team and individual total. This week they only allowed 1 sack to the 49ers.

San Francisco 49ers v Chicago Bears Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images

Last year the Chicago Bears played the San Francisco 49ers during week 13, and they also allowed only one sack. That was the 26-20, heartbreaking Bears loss in overtime that I’ve tried to erase from memory. But now that I’m recalling it, that was the Blaine Gabbert channeling Michael Vick game. Yuck...

This week the outcome was much more pleasing (Bears win 26-6!) and with only one sack to look at, I figured I’d throw in an extra break down from a favorite play of mine from that game as well.

The total sacks allowed stat is looking better and better each week, but with Detroit’s Kerry Hyder (7 sacks), Green Bay’s Nick Perry (8 sacks) and Julius Peppers (6.5 sacks), Washington’s Ryan Kerrigan (10 sacks), and Minnesota’s Danielle Hunter (9.5 sacks) on the slate to finish the season, Chicago’s pass protection needs to be ready.

Sackwatch after 12 games

2010 - 45 Martz
2011 - 34 Martz
2012 - 36 Tice
2013 - 21 Trestman
2014 - 30 Trestman
2015 - 20 Gase
2016 - 23 - Loggains

Sack 23 - Fourth quarter 13:46 Ahmad Brooks
Few things piss me off more when watching football than when an offense schemes their tight end on an island against an edge rusher.

In the case of this sack, the Bears left Daniel Brown, who up until this offseason was a wide receiver, alone to block Ahmad Brooks, who now has 52.5 sacks in his 11 year career.

This sacks allowed is on Brown, but I’m giving it an asterisk, because he never should have been asked to make this block

Brown isn’t strong enough, his technique isn’t sound enough, and I’m not sure what the Bears’ coaches saw out of him in practice that told them that he can handle an edge rusher on a 3rd and 8 play.

He struggled with proper hand placement, Brooks gave him a jolt and shucked him away when he felt him losing his balance. It was too easy.

With right tackle Bobby Massie squeezing inside, because the Niners were showing 2 inside blitzers, the Bears could have had running back Jordan Howard set up to the QBs right and help out on Brooks.

Here’s how I have the individual Sackwatch after twelve games.

Jay Cutler - 5
Charles Leno - 3.5
Sacks Happen - 3
Mike Adams - 2.5
Brian Hoyer - 2
Bobbie Massie - 2
Cody Whitehair - 1.5
Logan Paulsen - 1
Ted Larsen - 1
Daniel Brown - 1*
Jeremy Langford - .5

And now take a peek at the 7th sack of Leonard Floyd’s rookie season.

Floyd shows an outside rush, waits for the right tackle to set up, then makes a quick inside move for a clear path to the quarterback. Look at Floyd’s right arm, he pops the right tackle, then does a quick swim to the inside. I especially like the rag-doll finish as Floyd throws Gabbert to the sod.

What are your thoughts on the Sackwatch this week?