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John Fox and Vic Fangio both deny that Fangio is out at season’s end

San Francisco 49ers v Chicago Bears Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

One day after rumors circulated that the Chicago Bears and defensive coordinator Vic Fangio were ready to part ways at season’s end, both Fangio and head coach John Fox met the media today and shot down the rumors.

"I think our staff is tremendous” Fox said, and when asked about Fangio specifically he said, "We get along great," and “I want our whole staff back."

Fox did say that sometimes coaches “get opportunities elsewhere,” so it “remains to be seen” if the entire staff returns.

Vic Fangio gave a simple “I do,” when asked if he plans to be back coaching in Chicago next year. He also said the reports of friction between he and Fox are false and that Fox approached him about the rumor because Fox was concerned that Fangio may be planning to leave.

For what it’s worth, special teams coordinator Jeff Rodgers also met the media and was asked if he plans to be coaching in Chicago next season and he gave a “sure.”

Here are a few other tweets about the press conferences, including some actual on the field news.