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Check out WCG’s Lester Wiltfong on CLTV Sports Feed

When you have the chance to chat with the son of the Greatest football player of all time, you take it. So when I was asked to jump on live TV to talk Chicago Bears football with Jarrett Payton, I had to say yes.

I actually work downtown Chicago at the “real job,” so making the trek to the north-side and the WGN studios wasn’t all that difficult, then again, my wife does call me directionally challenged, so I had to carefully plan out my trip.

I had a friend show me the inner workings of the Blue Line, we went over the map for my walk to WGN, but I figured Google Maps would be my friend once I got off the L. It was the coldest day of the year, so the one and a half walk was a little worse than I expected, but the thought of being on CLTV Sports Feed was pushing me on.

It was a neat experience being in the WGN building, Sports Feed films in the corner of a bustling newsroom, and I spotted a few on air personalities walking around and as I left. I also passed long time WGN sports anchor Dan Roan on my way out.

I’ve done plenty of radio and podcast spots, I’ve done a Few Comcast Sportsnet episodes, but this was my first experience with live TV.

I thought I handled myself fairly well.

Check us out in the clips from the link. We talk general Bears stuff, we hit on the rookies, talk about the upcoming Lions came and more.