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Who has the worst contract on the Chicago Bears?

David Banks/Getty Images

The Sporting News recently took a look at the worst contract for every team in the NFL and if I didn't give it away with the picture above, would you have guessed wide receiver Eddie Royal would be their choice for the Chicago Bears?

My assumption was that Jay Cutler would be named, because that's usually the national media's go-to when it comes to things like that, but once I saw it was Royal I had to agree. Royal's deal was questioned by a lot of people last year when GM Ryan Pace guaranteed two-thirds of the $15 million total, but I understood the teams need to get a different type of player on their receiving corps. They had plenty of tall outside type guys, and they needed a shifty and experienced inside route runner to complement the group.

On paper Royal made sense, but on the field he only played in nine games, making 37 receptions for 238 yards and a TD. If Royal is healthy and productive as a slot receiver this year, the money won't be an issue, but in the last 5 seasons Royal has only played in all 16 games one time.

Do you think Royal can stay healthy and make an impact in 2016?

Here's a link to Spotrac so you can check out all the Bears' contracts.

Which one do you peg as the worst?