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What are the Top 5 Moves the Chicago Bears need to make?

Should the Bears follow the advice of ESPN's Bill Barnwell?

To tag or not to tag, that is the question
To tag or not to tag, that is the question
Kamil Krzaczynski-USA TODAY Sports

National writer Bill Barnwell of ESPN (formerly of Grantland) is writing an intriguing series this week by suggesting the 5 moves each team should make at this point in the year. You can read the full article for the NFC North here.

Barnwell has a good grasp of salary cap implications and an impressive knowledge base league-wide. Barnwell provides explanation for each move in the full article but the skeleton is provided below for discussion:

1. Franchise Alshon Jeffery

2. Release Martellus Bennett

3. Raid the Broncos for Malik Jackson and Danny Trevathan

4. Add a cornerback or 3

5. Bring back Matt Forte

We'd likely receive universal agreement from WCG readers on #1 as there is no way Alshon is getting away from the Bears this offseason, whether the Franchise tag is applied or a TY Hilton-like deal is signed (5 year, $65 million, $28 million guaranteed).

Releasing Martellus Bennett would save the Bears $5.2M that could be used elsewhere. Malik Jackson and Danny Trevathan both have familiarity with John Fox and immediately fill positions of need on the front 7 of a Bears defense looking for improvement. Barnwell suggests the cap space the Bears are working with could be used to target Janoris Jenkins or Prince Amukamara to pair with the still-developing Kyle Fuller.

Finally, bringing back Matt Forte would be completely affordable and a weapon the Bears can still benefit from even if Ryan Pace made it known he wouldn't bring back the yards from scrimmage king. If you read further into the NFC North article, Barnwell suggests that the Packers sign Matt Forte to pair with Eddie Lacy. This is certainly a nightmare scenario for Bears fans.

What do you all think about Barnwell's plans for the Bears in #2-#5? Which of the discussed options would you most like to see?