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Ten Thoughts On The NFL: Super Bowl Edition

Peep out my Super Bowl related NFL Thoughts this week!

Jerry Lai-USA TODAY Sports

1) With a week to think on it, I'm sticking with my prediction of the Carolina Panthers beating the Denver Broncos 28-20. While I think the Denver D is fantastic, I think it will be Carolina's defense that will make the big plays when they need to.

And my pick for Super Bowl MVP is Cam Newton.

This is your forum to make your prediction public, so fill up the comment section with your guess on the winner and on the MVP.

2) Have you seen some of the crazy Super Bowl pro bets making the rounds? sent me a few of their's to check out. Here are some that intrigued me.

Odds that Mike Carey is wrong on the first replay challenge: 5/2 - Carey being wrong with his "expert" analysis seems like the norm.

Odds a member of the broadcast team call the Microsoft Tablet "an iPad": Yes: 4/1 No: 1/4 - I'm sure by now the NFL has sent a memo to CBS to make sure they all know the BIG difference between an iPad and a Microsoft Tablet. That BIG difference in case you didn't know, Microsoft paid the NFL $400 million for them to use their product instead of Apple's.

Odds on the color of the Panthers jersey the kid who gets the first TD ball from a Panthers player will be wearing? Black: 3/2, White: 2/1, Blue: 3/1, No jersey: 18/1 - My first thought was; 'Will there even be any kids sitting in the front row considering the price of the tickets?' But them I realized there's no way the NFL would allow a possible "feel-good" moment to pass, so if there are no Panther fan kids in the end zone, the NFL will bring in some "extras" for their big Super Bowl production.

Odds Coldplay's Chris Martin wears a jersey during the halftime show: 4/1 - I'm still a bit surprised that Coldplay even got the gig.

3) Both injured Panthers', Thomas Davis and Jared Allen, plan to play through broken bones in order to suit up in the Super Bowl. Davis broke his arm during the NFC Championship game and he had surgery on January 25th. He has a plate and more than 10 screws in his forearm to stabilize the break.

Allen broke a small bone in his foot during Carolina's divisional playoff game and was held out the following week. He claims to be 100% ready to go. He only had 2 sacks on the year, but if there's any magic left in his 33 year old body, he'll leave it all on the field on Sunday.

4) We've talked about Carolina Panthers' corner Josh Norman in my Thoughts earlier this season, but if you aren't familiar with his story check out this article from SB Nation's Jeanna Thomas, Josh Norman took the long road to Super Bowl 50.

The first time All Pro is just a fun player to watch play, and he's probably the best corner in the NFL today. Oh yeah, he's also coming out of his 4 year, $2,299,000 rookie contract. I believe the bidding will start at around $15 million per year for his services.

5) Do you remember back when New York Giants' wide out Odell Bckham Jr. went after Josh Norman during their December 20th game?

Back them the NFL Network's Deion Sanders actually came to the defense Beckham, something Norman wasn't shy about rehashing during his media session last night with Sanders.

"I really didn't agree with what you had going with Odell during that whole situation," Norman told Sanders during an interview for NFL Network. "You had his back on some stuff and you said something like that if he was your son you would've gave him props or something like 'Go out and do your thing.' You said that and it's like, okay, this man ran 10 yards at me full speed trying to take me out or something and that's what you're going to pat on the back and say good job?"

When a former NFL player becomes a member of the media, he often tries to remain friends with the players, so it was nice to see Norman call "Prime Time" out.

6) It seems like the media, and even some fans, are always harping on a player's legacy. So I'm curious if a Denver loss would affect how you view Peyton Manning? He's still clearly one of the all time Greats, but would he deserve to be mentioned in the same breath as Joe Montana (4-0 in super Bowls) and Tom Brady (4-2 in SBs) if he were to end his career 1-3 in the Big Game?

7) Speaking of impressive records in Championship games; Did you realize that Cleveland's Hall Of Fame quarterback Otto Graham played in his league's Championship game all 10 season's he played? From 1946 to 1949 Graham and the Browns played in the All-America Football Conference, winning that league's Championship all four years.

Then when the NFL took on a few of the AAFC teams in 1950, the Browns won the NFL Championship that year as well. In all Graham was 7-3 in League Championship games.

8) Say what?

I would love to go to a Super Bowl at some point in my lifetime, but I can't fathom paying that kind of money for a ticket. Then again, I'm just an average 9 to 5er so that's new-car kind of money to me. Even if I had that type of cash lying around, I can't see myself dropping 27 Large on a ticket to any one day sporting event.

But I'm the kind of guy that actually enjoys watching sports form the comfort of my living room, so maybe my monetary ceiling to snatch up a Super Bowl ticket is skewed.

Here's a question for you guys to ponder in the comment section; How much would you be willing to buy a Super Bowl ticket for?

8a) StubHub just released their ticket data for SB50.

The Cheapest Ticket Available for Super Bowl 50 is $2,805

The Average Ticket Price Sold for Super Bowl 50 is: $5,037
• Average for Super Bowl XLIX in Glendale (2/1/15 Patriots-Seahawks): $4,222
• Average for Super Bowl XLVIII in New York (2/2/14 Seahawks-Broncos): $2,516

Tickets for Super Bowl 50 have sold for in the range of $1,222 to $27,983
• The least expensive ticket was $1,222 for a seat in Upper Sideline.
• The most expensive ticket was $27,983 on the Lower Prime Club

Tickets for Super Bowl XLIX in Glendale last year sold in the range of $856 - $19,000

Cheapest ticket purchased last year was on 1/26 at 8:00pm (PST)

Current Buyer Geo for Super Bowl 50 (% of where sales are coming from)
California: 27%
North Carolina: 10%
Colorado: 9%
Texas: 5%
New York: 5%

9) It looks like another Detroit Lions' player has had enough of the franchise's inability to consistently be a playoff contender. Like Barry Sanders before him, it's being reported that Calvin Johnson is going to retire. Johnson has only played in 2 playoff games in his 9 year career (Detroit lost them both), and those two season's were also the only two that the Lions ended up with a winning record.

The Lion franchise has never been in a Super Bowl and their last NFL Championship was in 1957.

10) I had to share this Super Bowl commercial with you so that it receives the attention it deserves.

Be smart and safe out there everybody. Don't be a "short sighted, utterly useless, oxygen wasting, human form of pollution."