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Do the Bears have more cuts to make?

Teams around the league are making roster purges in the name of cap space and getting younger. The Bears have been relatively quiet on this front, is there a reason?

Billy Hurst-USA TODAY Sports

Since the Bears parted ways with Jermon Bushrod back on Feb. 16 there have been no other roster moves.

Teams around the league have been making lots of cuts, some even releasing multiple players at the same time.

Granted that the Bears have few bad contracts and plenty of cap space, it stands to reason then that they aren't making more veteran cut moves.

However, just because they have the space doesn't mean that there are not players who could be cut.

The Bears have plenty of positions that they need to improve at and there were plenty of disappointing players on the field last year that are still on the roster and could be replaced in free agency or the draft.

Let's look at a few players that the team could still release before free agency next month (all contract numbers taken from

Martellus Bennett

2016 cap hit: $6.31 million

Dead cap: $1.125 million

Bennett is simply the biggest "will they-won't they" on the team currently. John Fox seemed frustrated with Bennett's attitude at times last season and Ryan Pace can't be looking at Bennett's production, as well as the way he's carried himself and think that a big contract extension is in line. However, he is still the most talented TE on the roster. All that said though, Fox and Pace seem like they are trying to build a team of players who are all-in on their way and from all appearances Bennett seems out on that front.

Eddie Royal

2016 cap hit: $4.5 million

Dead cap: $4.5 million

Royal is, at the moment, the unfortunate poster child for how quickly things can change in the NFL. Less than a year ago he was a signing that a great number of fans and pundits were behind. Royal had a chemistry with Cutler back in their Denver days, he was coming off one of his best seasons as a pro and he offered a skill set that the Bears receiving corps was lacking. However, injuries took their toll and Royal was limited to nine games and fewer than 40 catches. While he could regain form this season and be an impact player, the question is: if he costs as much to be on the team as off of it, is he worth it?

Antrel Rolle

2016 cap hit: $2,718,750

Dead cap: None

Rolle signed a three year deal last offseason but that deal included all the guarantees in the first year of the contract. A smart move by Ryan Pace considering his age (33 last year). Rolle was a huge disappointment, whether it was bad luck or simply his age catching up with him but Rolle missed nine games in 2015 and played poorly in many of the ones he appeared in. He had missed only one game in the previous six seasons. Rolle would cost nothing to cut and his productivity could be replaced easily.

Willie Young

2016 cap hit: $3,166,668

Dead cap: $666,668

Young only has a little signing bonus money left on his deal and would be a very cheap cut if it were to be made. Now Young was a good player last season, coming on late in the season, along with Lamarr Houston, as they both recovered from their leg injuries from 2014. Since he was productive, it seems unlikely that the Bears will want to part ways with him other than the fact that he is over 30 now and that he might not want to be back with the team. Young has made it no secret that he prefers to be in a 4-3 defense and despite his success last year, he was allegedly asking for a trade at the deadline. If his agent goes to Pace and asks for his release, what's stopping them from obliging?

These are just the players I believe are the best candidates to be released. Is there one I didn't list you think could be released? Do you think any of the above will be released in the next month or will they all make it back for the offseason program?